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The Mission of Casting for Recovery is to run unique live-in retreat programs that enhance the quality of life for women with breast cancer.  This is provided at no-cost to the participants, so our primary focus is on planning and running these retreat events,  along with fund raising activities that help support them.

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CfR Vic Licensed Body
Mending Casts Inc,
P.O.Box 256 Montmorency

Victoria 3094

Web :  www.mendingcasts.org

Email : admin@mendingcasts.org

CfR USA Head Office:

109 E. Oak St., Ste. 1G, Bozeman MT  59715,
Toll-free (888) 553-3500, Fax 406-624-6584 
Web : www.castingforrecovery.org
Email :

CfR Victoria Committee
P.O.Box 256 Montmorency

Victoria 3094
Web :  www.castingforrecoveryvic.org

Email : info@castingforrecoveryvic.org

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