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Our Retreats & their Activities

Holmesglen at Eildon

DATES:   4pm Friday 20th to 3pm Sunday 22nd September 2019


Our most recent retreat was held at the fabulous Holemsglen at Eildon.

Nessled in bushland with fabulous views out over the Goulburn River valley it was the perfect place for particiants to relax, reflect and enjoy our program.


Water based fly casting practice and fishing instruction took place at the nearby Gouldburn Lodge, a picturesque location beside the Gouldburn River in Thornton.  Their private ponds are stocked full of brown and rainbow trout and the open grounds provided clear and easy access.

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What happens at a retreat

At Casting for Recovery retreats we provide free, at no cost to participants:

              Tuition in all aspects of fly casting and fishing
              Pampering sessions; and
              Comfortable accommodation, meals, and all necessary equipment.


Our retreats run for a full 2 and a half days from Friday pm to Sunday pm.

Activities are run at a very leisurely pace with plenty of rest periods provided.  Some of the pampering activities on offer may include massage, pedicures, pottery, reiki, yoga, meditation, a short bush walk or some fly tying. These activities may change from retreat to retreat depending on who is available to volunteer their time.

Casting for Recovery Victoria aims to host a minimum of two retreats per year. The maximum number of participants per retreat will be 14 women, but this may be less depending on the capacity of the venue chosen for the event.

You can find details of a typical weekend's program by clicking HERE

Video from our Eildon Retreat - 2019

The video above showcases the essence of our weekend retreats, as experienced by our wonderful participants.

You will be immersed in the world of fly fishing, learning to cast, tie the basic knots and learn about the bugs trout eat. On the last day of the retreat, you will have a chance to catch a fish and you’ll be shown how to harmlessly release a fish, assisted by our experienced Casting for Recovery volunteers. The whole idea of the retreat is to remove you from your normal environment and introduce you to a new healthy and fun activity.


We provide you with comfortable twin-shared lodgings. In our gathering area you will find refreshments with seasonal fruit and snacks all day. Some Casting for Recovery volunteers will be sharing meal times with you, taking care of your needs and sharing in your daily recollections.


During resting periods throughout the weekend there may be volunteer professionals doing hairstyling, facials, nail care and podiatry. Reflection is a big part of the weekend with the sharing of meals and recollection of the days events. The weekend allows for quiet times.


Information from local support groups and services will be available.


The objectives of a retreat are to provide:


                 Basic knowledge of the techniques and skills used in fly casting and fishing
              A break from people's daily routine through focusing on a new outdoor activity
              An opportunity to meet others facing similar challenges and thereby widen people's support networks
              Some “pampering” through services delivered by hairstylists, beauticians and podiatrists
              Timeout for family and supporters of participants.

        * Note that you are free to participate at whatever level you feel comfortable with and you are free to break from any activity
          at any time. In any case, there will be plenty of rest periods.

Feedback from Retreat Participants


"An awesome concept, so valuable as an escape from everyday and health stresses.  Wonderful to connect with others in similar situations.  All volunteers were so compassionate and patient and welcoming.  I feel very humble to have such beautiful "angles" give up their weekend to share their skills, talents, & hospitality with me.  I feel like a "Princess".  Thank you.  I do so much appreciate this. xxx"


— Patricia, 2019 Eildon, Victoria, Austrlia  retreat participant 


“A CfR retreat, it's an amazing experience. You learn that you're not the only one dealing with this disease, but you learn it in a beautiful, peaceful setting, surrounded by wonderful, strong women. The best part is that you get the chance to experience a new skill that provides a challenge and hope to move forward. I've thought numerous times about standing in that stream with my river guide trying to cast my line to catch the elusive fish, and the sheer awesomeness of it all. And that gives me hope.” 


— Debbie, 2014 Georgia USA retreat participant

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